What is Healing?

Being psychic and sensitive go hand in hand, sensitive people have a natural instinctive awareness of the spiritual side of life. The material Chakra Healing in Bournemouththings are not enough for them when you expand your psychic awareness, your sensitivity increases on every level.

Radiating healing energy to anyone in there vicinity naturally drawing the unwell subconsciously to you like a magnet. The physical body is made up of layers, the most dense part being physical, next comes the etheric body, then astral, mental and spiritual. The life force is a universal energy.

In Hinduism is called ‘Prana’ in the east it’s known as ‘Chi’. We take in chi through food we eat and the air we breathe.

Chi enters at the etheric level where it’s stored and there it is transmitted through the chakras and energy centres to every part of our being.

When there is an adequate flow of chi we feel strong and well, however sometimes the flow of chi is blocked we can feel out of balance causing stress and fatigue or negative emotions such as fear, hatred, anger or resentment. Over a period of time they can manifest in the physical body through illness or other symptoms.

Healers attune themselves to the universal healing source then channel that energy to the person. This can be done through a number of sessions which can remove blockages and restore balance and harmony.

How healing energies help to restore health

When there are imbalances or blockages within our energy field and chakras, physical ailments or mental illness can manifest if not cleared. Rebalancing the flow of energyReiki Bournemouth enables the body’s own natural healing mechanism to be restored.

Reiki pours in life force energy. This life force is perceived as Light. The Light heals and transforms, soothes and works holistically to balance mind, body and spirit. It manifests as changes in attitudes, release from stress, easing of bodily distress and emotional hurt.

It leaves the person deeply relaxed and revitalised. Reiki re-balances and replenishes the whole energy system: mind, body and spirit.

During a Reiki treatment energy pours out through the hands into the recipient’s body. This produces a feeling of warmth or tingling.