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Susanna Clark

I live on the south coast in a small town called Bournemouth. I was lucky enough to spend my childhood exploring beaches and countryside, and have many happy memories. From a young age I always knew my gift of inner knowing, I sensed things. Already knowing things before they would happen, and having huge physic connections with animals. I went on to train as a hairdresser where I was able to express my creative flare and people skills. Throughout my career I have always had a passion for supporting others and finding ways to help them achieve and develop.

I worked my way up through the corporate world of sales and after 10 years I decided I wanted to follow my calling and set up my own business. I believe every job that you do is a step towards your true self path journey. All my past jobs have helped me get to where I want to be today. Gaining more knowledge and insight year by year, day by day. The training has never ended and will never end. I am always on a quest to learn new tools and techniques that help people to be happy and successful.

I took myself off to Nepal to Kopen monastery high up in the Himalayan Mountains to meditate and expand my soulful mind. It was here that I felt an Enlightenment to my true source, which being blessed by the Monk was the hi-light of my spiritual journey. From then on I never looked back.

Very proud to be Ordained as a Minister in March 2015,  As part of the Universal Life Church, USA,  Seattle.  

Belief being....   We are all children of the same Universe. 

I enjoy working part time for Psychic light group and Circle of professional Clairvoyants,  offering insightful readings over the telephone.  Was featured in their monthly magazine called Best Mediums under my column name " Angel " it brings me great joy to bring messages from lost love ones. 

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NLP, Hypnotherapy, Mediation and Quantum Thinking Workshop | Life Coaching Diploma | Reiki 1st Degree | Reiki 2nd DegreeDiploma in Hypnotherapy | Creditations of MinistryUniversal Life Church

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